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List the Name of Hokage Konoha

   The more knowledge added another friend of Naruto vs One Piece, and this time I will provide a list of names that exist in the film Naruto or Naruto Newest. I'll give a little review and the strength of each sequence starting from the Hokage 1 and Hokage latter. Below that I can release to the list of names in the series Naruto Hokage.
     Hashirama Senju or the more we know called Hokage 1 (first) is the founder of konoha village elder sister of the Hokage as well as to 2. Hokage 1 has a power that is a very strong element of wood, until now the wood elements of Hokage one no one can match it. 1st Hokage has a jutsu that is the mainstay of the life force of the universe, this stance was able to grow all the trees that exist in this universe to attack his enemies. More you can read her profile simply by clicking the word Senju Hashirama in bold print above.
     Tobirama Senju or more we are familiar with the title Hokage for 2nd Hokage was the younger brother of one overdo, as well hokage who co-founded the village of Konoha. Hokage 2 is very rarely seen in the anime Naruto, but can be reassured that the Hokage 2 has the power of the water element ninjutsu very powerful. He was able to remove the water in very much in place even though there was no drop of water. And he's also in the sieve-sieve as the creator of the forbidden jutsu Edo Tensai, which until now controlled by Orochimaru and Kabuto. More you can read her profile simply by clicking the word Senju Tobirama in bold print above.
    Hiruzen Sarutobi or the more we know as the 3rd Hokage Hokage is the pupil of the two. Third Hokage has a strength which is very comprehensive and has more than 10,000 ninjutsu jutsu ninja moves, so he has nicknamed the Professor of Konoha. Because of his ability that he direkomendasika by the Hokage to 2 to become the next Hokage. Third Hokage has a jutsu that is the mainstay of the forbidden jutsu resurrection god of death, he had to face Orochimaru keluarka in his last battle. More you can read her profile by clicking Hiruzen Sarutobi said that in bold print above.
     Namikaze Minato or the more we know called Hokage the father of four is Uzumaki Naruto. 4 Hokage has a nickname of Konoha's yellow, he also expected the best ninja that ever was born in the village of Konoha. Hokage 4 has a power so great that he is also dubbed as the strongest Hokage in Konoha history. Hokage 4 is also the creator of the Rasengan jutsu by Naruto are now in control and have the Demonic Soul Seal mainstay moves to seal the Kyubi power into his body and the Body Flicker Technique that allows the user moves it can remove him only in a blink of an eye. More can be read only by clicking the word profile Namikaze Minato is in bold print above.
     Tsunade or the more we know as the Hokage to 5 is the grandson of a Hokage. Tsunade is the only woman who ever become Hokage in the village of Konoha, he is also known as the Losser from konoha because he always lost the gambling game.Tsunade has a stance that is the mainstay of Medical Technique, or moves very famous healer and Creation Rebirth often he uses when he lost the gamble he always uses this moment to change the physical and performance. More can be read only by clicking profile Tsunade said that in bold above.
6. Danzo (Hokage 6)
     Danzo or the more we know as the hard wing of the Konoha ninja are the Hokage to 6, although he served only briefly but he continues to be the 6th Hokage. Many do not agree on the appointment of Danzo becomes Hokage to 6, but added urgency in the health Tsunade as Hokage 5 that still has not improved due to the battle against the Akatsuki leader Pain hokage resulting in the selection of a sudden because of the challenge that calls for Shinobi wars by Sasuke and TobiSo that the kage of the five major countries have gathered to discuss the issue.
    Uzumaki Naruto is the protagonist in the anime series Naruto, maybe many people think that Naruto is the 6th Hokage, but I have a different opinion, because even though the appointment to become Hokage Danzo to 6 is considered illegal or in haste, Danzo still hadserved as a Hokage, that would also have been approved by the Kage of the five big countries was assembled to face the threat of world war Shinobi. But the village did not approve the selection of Konoha as Hokage Danzo to 6, so that his name would never go in the history of Hokage in Konoha. Maybe according to Bang Masashi (creator of the anime Naruto) Naruto will still be the 6th Hokage Danzo since the election did not get approval from the village of Konoha. You can read the complete Naruto Profiles premises just click the word Uzumaki Naruto is in bold above.

     Maybe this list of names or predictions Hokage Hokage that would exist in the latest Naruto anime. For those of you who have a different opinion, please post in the comments, because there is always a difference in every life. Hopefully my post this time beneficial to the friends of Naruto vs One Piece.

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