Sunday, April 15, 2012

Predictions: End of story Naruto

    More and more blog / website that provides Predictions: End of story Naruto, and this time I will give my predictions about the story to my last naruto vs One Piece Naruto faithful. As we already know that the newest comic Naruto, Naruto has managed to gain the power of Kyuubi Naruto even have to know the names of all nine Biju after they were all gathered in one place. While on the other side has successfully completed Uchiha Sasuke Sharingan by Itachi Uchiha's eyes to take, and at that moment he was startled by the arrival of Itachi Uchiha who has in turn returned by Kabuto through forbidden jutsu Edo Tensai. They both got together and tried to stop Kabuto's jutsu Edo Tensai. Starting from here I'm getting a little one can predict the end of the story of Naruto, and according to my predictions about the end of the Naruto story is as follows:
1. The possibility of Sasuke with Itachi used the technique to stop Kabuto's Edo Tensai.
2. Once they managed to stop the Edo Tensai, Uchiha Itachi mencerikan truth will be told Sasuke Uchiha shinobi world that aims to save Sasuke from the darkness.
3. On the one hand Tobi Naruto will face.
4. Tobi will unite Biju possibility that he had collected with Akatsuki to be a form of a monster that has never known.
5. After hearing the story Sasuke Itachi, Sasuke turned into a good possibility and try to go to stop the war Shinobi.
6. Naruto Sasuke go where the battle against Tobi and help Naruto.
7. The real truth of who Tobi is revealed and the last
8. Sasuke and Naruto managed to defeat the monster that was created and can beat tobi.

     Perhaps this is a prediction on the last of the Naruto story, but even so the above prediction is not necessarily true because the author of Naruto never give final details of the story of Naruto, so we as lovers of anime and manga Naruto Masashi Kishimoto must respect that has given pleasure of the readers and viewers through a series Naruto. For those of you who have other predictions please send us your comments below this post. I hope this post can give you some idea of ​​Naruto ending his own righteousness even though we do not know.

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