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15 People: the Strongest Pirates in One Piece

     Connect from my post yesterday entitled 15 people: the strongest Ninja in Naruto now I will give you a list of 15 people: the strongest pirates in One Piece to loyal friends Naruto vs One Piece blog. Below I will provide a complete list of the profile, perhaps my opinion is different from your opinion in because the list of the most powerful pirates in One Piece is according to my own personal version.

15. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro is the representative of the straw hat pirates who plays as a combat division, I gave him for the position 15 in the latest comic Zoro has been practicing with one of the named Juraquille Mihawk Sichibukai , after practice, I believe that the strength of Zoro that now exceeds the power Juraquille Mihawk. For that reason I give the rank 15 or strongest pirates in One Piece. More read "Roronoa Zoro".
14. Admiral Kizaru (Borsalino)
      Admiral Kizaru is one of three admirals strongest in anime and manga One Piece, he has a logia type devil fruit power, but it is believed that the person who has the rank of Vice Admiral on IPR must have. In addition Kizaru had ravaged the islands Super Nova Shabaody alone, therefore I am giving 14 people ranked the strongest in One Piece. More read "Admiral Kizaru".
13. Admiral Aokiji (Kuzan)
      Admiral Aokiji is one of three admirals strongest in anime and manga One Piece, he Logia devil fruit eaters are able to manipulate the strength of the ice and he also has the strength of intellectual property rights of intellectual property rights such as the war had he spends Marineford, he looks to block attacks that have been in Edward Newgate content of the IPR with two other Admiral. So I rank the 13 most powerful people in One Piece. More read "Admiral Aokiji".
12. Admiral Akainu (Sakazuki)
      Admiral Akainu is one of three admirals strongest in anime and manga One Piece, to know that he's Logia-type devil fruit eaters who can manipulate the strength of Magma as a fighter and he also has intellectual property rights, the reason I gave ratings of 12 people is the strongest in One Piece One Piece on the latest comic looks that he fought against Aokiji competing for the highest office of Admiral, and in that battle Akainu out a winner. More read "Admiral Akainu".
11. Marco Phoenix
      Maybe for some of you fans of One Piece feel less agrees that Phoenix is ​​ranked the 11th most powerful person in One Piece, but I have good reason to give it ranked 11. The reason I was Marineford war time he was very meritorious and often save Edward Newgate Admiral of the naval attack, but note that the Admiral always fill the offensive use Haki but the Phoenix can ward off all attacks, and in the know that the strongest attack Akainu not work Phoenix bird of devil fruit which is owned by Marco. In the latest comic in Edward Newgate told that the position has been replaced by Marco after Edward Newgate died, so now Marco is one of the master Yonkou new world. For that reason I would not hesitate to rank the 11 most powerful in One Piece.
10. Gold Lion Shiki
      Gold lion shiki was one of the legendary pirate who is very famous, and he is one of the major competitors of the pirate king Gold Roger d, except that he was the first person able to escape from prison Impel Down prison known as the most stringent in the world One Piece. Although I myself do not know the exact strength of the Gold Lion Shiki, but I do not hesitate to give ratings to the 10 most powerful people in One Piece in because he was the main rival of the king of pirates in the past. More read "Gold Lion Shiki"
9. Monkey D Garp
     Monkey D Garp is the strongest person that I chose and was ranked ninth, I think he is worthy of the order it in because he was the one who is very instrumental in the navy, he was also a naval force able to counter the pirate king. In addition he also earned the nickname of a legendary naval together Sengoku nickname indicates that he is not ordinary people, perhaps for less pirates now so familiar with her figure, but the pirates of the past and are very aware of the Yonkou capacity and strength, and therefore many pirates who choose to shy away from the sea on the face of Monkey D Garp.
8. Shanks the Red Hair
     Shanks is the right person to fill the position of the next strongest pirate, he is one of the Yonkou that can match the power of the strongest man that Edward Newgate, Shanks also has an aura of intellectual property rights of King only a few people who are able to master the intellectual property, with all the capacity that is owned by Shanks then I assigned a rating to the 8 strongest person in One Piece. Complete information, see "Shanks".
7. Marshall D Teach
     Marshall D Teach is the next strongest, after he managed to suck the strength of the human earthquake Edward Newgate, according to the latest news now he's become one of the Yonkou in the new world, it shows that the current strength is very terrible, but that he was the only person that can injure Shanks to imprint on the left eye in the form of a claw. For that reason I would not hesitate to rank seventh strongest man in One Piece.
6. Silver Reyligh
     Silver Reyligh is the vice captain of the pirate group Gold D Roger, he first appeared at the gathering of eleven islands Shabaody Super Nova. Reyligh is the one who taught Monkey D Luffy using Haki power, than it is seen that Reyligh able to use well into the three kinds of intellectual property rights. I am increasingly convinced of its power when Marineford 2 years after the war, there was seen chasing a group of armed marines straw hat pirates led by the Admiral Kizaru. That's when Reyligh appear to preclude the naval fleet and the admiral Kizaru simply by providing a line in front of him and he said that "if you dare cross the line that I made this, it means that you dare to challenge me. I just wanted to sail back to see my students!" Only by the revelation that the entire naval fleet was Admiral Kizaru looks scared even asking his troops to retreat and he said to himself "why Dark King Reyligh very legendary to be here" of the statement indicates that the very dire indeed Reyligh strength. For that reason I give ratings to the six most powerful men in the One Piece.
5. Monkey D Dragon
     Monkey D Dragon is the next strongest, he is the biological father of Monkey D Luffy and besides, she also served as chairman of the Revolutionary forces. The reason why I put the number 5 is the strongest man that he is the greatest enemy of the government of the world (World Government) as we all know that the navy was still under the power of world government, with the election of Monkey D Dragon as a person who is in the search by government world indicates that Monkey D Dragon is a person who has the power and the greatest threat to world government. That was what I did not hesitate to rank the five most powerful people in One Piece. More read "Monkey D Dragon".
4. Sengoku (Buddhist)
     Sengoku is the next strongest, as we already know that Sengoku is the supreme leader of the naval fleet. Sengoku also has the power of the devil is very rare fruit that can transform into a giant Buddha statue whose power can destroy anything in front of her. In addition he is one of the naval fleet with the legendary Monkey D Garp, he was known as someone who could match the power of Gold D Roger and know that he is the one who arrested Gold Loin Shiki and put him in prison Impel Down. That was what I did not hesitate to rank fourth strongest person in One Piece. Selangkapnya read "Sengoku".
3. Edward Newgate
     Edward Newgate is the supreme leader of the group of Whitebeard pirates, he has the title as the world's strongest epithet indicates that he does have a terrible power. For that reason I give 3 people rated the strongest in One Piece. More read "Edward Newgate".
2. Monkey D Luffy
     Monkey D Luffy is the one that fits ranks second strongest man, in because he is the main character in the anime and manga One Piece, but it has been in the know that he was able to use the intellectual property rights after the train by Silver Reyligh. And I believe that Monkey D Luffy is a candidate for the next pirate king. More read "Monkey D Luffy".
1. Gold D Roger
     Who is a fan of anime and manga One Piece is not familiar with her figure, even on the first song before the movie started One Piece figures show Gold D Roger was there. In ancient times Gold D Roger was the one who is able to wade through all the seas and make it as a pirate king. Until he felt his way along with his day was over, he took the initiative to submit himself to the navy for the execution. According to my version of the Gold D Roger is the right person to occupy the first rank or the strongest pirates in One Piece. More read "Gold D Roger."

    Above is a list of 15 people: the strongest pirate in my version of One Piece. If you have a different opinion to me please send a comment in the comments box below this post, and do not forget to give details about the person you recommend as the most powerful person in One Piece by your version. Hopefully I am posting this useful to you.

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