Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yonkou New World (One Piece)

     Yonkou name means (emperor), so it can be concluded that the views of his name, the Yonkou it has the power and more power than the other pirates. In a onepiece serial mentioned that the new world, or better known as the New World has been in control 4 emperor of sea (Yonkou) is very popular and has the ability to separate from each other. To 4 Yonkou is actually not a bond of friendship going but to 4 Yonkou Rival has a bond with each other.

     In a series of new onepiece 2 Yonkou is known and has never appeared in onepiece comic, while others have never appeared in a onepiece serial, so that its existence and its strength is still very mysterious. Naval fleet is very wary of the movement of the Yonkou, because if all 4 Yonkou is united and fight together, then a large naval fleet will face destruction, and therefore to maintain the balance of power with the Yonkou, recruit 7 lautpun force fleet of pirate forces a very famous sea known as Sichibukai. So it could be concluded if a large naval fleet with Sichibukai united to fight the 4 Yonkou will end the series. Here are the names of Yonkou which was released by Naruto vs onepiece blog:
1. Edward Newgate (Whitebeard / Whitebeard) <= status of the dead
2. Shanks (the redhead) <= active status
3. Kaidou <= status of the mysterious
4. Big Mom <= status of the mysterious
      And below the names of people or groups who have the power and the threat to world government which is equivalent to the Yonkou above:
1. Gold D Roger (the pirate king) <= status of the dead
2. Monkey D Dragon (Revolutionary) <= status of the mysterious
3. Gold Lion Shiki <= status of the mysterious
      Additions after Edward Newgate died there is one name that replaced him as Yonkou namely:
1. Marshall D Teach
     The names of the above is the person or group who made the biggest threat to world government in onepiece serial. So the Navy is very aware of the movement of the Yonkou or person who has the equivalent power of the Yonkou above. Maybe this is all I can say about the Yonkou in onepiece serial to you.

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